Language and Voice in the Election Aftermath

My friend and fellow writer Dre Ryan sent out this beautiful letter after the election, and it’s too good not to share. It’s a reminder that writers and artists have an important role going forward. We have a voice that can make this world a better place.

Hello Friends and colleagues,

I wanted to reach out in the aftermath of the assaultive, violating, repudiating result of the election and say I’m thinking of you, your families, your reactions and our shared experience as we begin to navigate this new reality. 

As artists and writers I think our role going forward is clearer and more urgent than ever. We are not merely in the entertainment industry where our thoughts, ideas and voices are meaningless fodder for mindless consumption. We help shape meaning and culture in our country and the world. Our voices and our language matters. Our projects and endeavors matter. We are not rendered powerless or worthless despite the caustic, dangerous rhetoric and vehement intolerance imposed on us. We have power and responsibility. We have language. We have our creative voices. We have the stories that remind us all of our values and who we are and who we want to be. We have agency and political clout through our work. It is essential that we understand and not lose sight of our responsibility to be an impactful, positive force for good in the world for others. You’re already doing that. Thank you.

Go Into The Story Screenwriters Roundtable

I loved doing this roundtable back in December 2015 with these amazing women: Jessica Bendinger, Lindsay Devlin, Liz W. Garcia, Julia Hart, and Lisa Joy. Check out the serious writing knowledge these fantastic women drop on Scott Myer’s blog. Glad to have been part of this group.


Screenwriting Panel This Friday

I’ll be speaking on a writing panel with the kick-ass writers of STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON, STAR TREK BEYOND, and EMPIRE (just to name a few from the pretty cool lineup). If you’re in Los Angeles, want to hear a bunch of writers gab about writing, and are looking for something to do this Friday, April 8th — check it out.



Young And Hungry

YH2015_banner_1200x280I am horrible about posting here. Since I made the Black List in 2013 I’ve been steadily working for the studios, which has been a crazy fun ride, but my blogging has been spotty at best. So in an act of shameless self-promotion, it looks like I made another list this year: The Young And Hungry List: Top 100 Writers On The Verge. Not sure what I’m on the verge of (hope it’s not a cliff), but it’s always nice to be recognized. Happy to be among such a talented group.

Interviewed by IndieWire

I recently had a fun chat with Shirpa Gupta at IndieWire. She did a fantastic article on the live script reads in Los Angeles. I feel so honored she chose to interview me along with Jason Reitman and Elvis Mitchell. Check out Shirpa’s full IndieWire article Why the Live Read is Here to Stay.