Screencraft Screenwriting Summit

Join us this Saturday, March 28th for a Virtual Screenwriting Summit. Meg LeFauve (INSIDE OUT) , Alan Yang (MASTER OF NONE), David Rabinowitz (BLACKKKLANSMAN), Max Borenstein (GODZILLA) , Wendy Calhoun (PRODIGAL SON), and Tony Gilroy (MICHAEL CLAYTON) will also be in attendance.

All donations benefit the Red Cross and the Writers Guild Foundation. Sign up: Screencraft.


Monster Zine To Support Planned Parenthood

I contributed a short story to ONE MEAN MONSTER ZINE, which is a fantastic collection of the macabre put together by Gavin Hignight. You can purchase a copy here for $10. All proceeds benefit Planned Parenthood.  You can also donate to Planned Parenthood directly. How can you resist this amazing list of contributors?

Clive Barker
Sam Shearon
Stephanie Inagaki
Douglas Wicker
Jose Macasocol, Jr.
Erika Angel
Jack Rossi
Jenny Carbajal
Gabriela Ruiz
Cassidy Ward
Sideshow Monkey David Hartman
EG Rand
Song Riddle
Bryant Dillon
Ben Meares and Riley Schmitz
Erick Salomon
Chris Thorne
Bill RudeMister Sam Shearon
Chris Thorne
Steven Shea
Gris Grimly
Theo Radomski
Gavin Hignight
Allan Graves
Kate Leth
Chris Grine
Mister Chris “Doc” Wyatt
Nigel Sade
Dewey Dean
Guity Rafik
Sarah Wilkinson
Elisa Victoria
Bill Rude
The Ghouligans
Mystery Monster Kid





One Night To Save The World: Overpopulation

Tonight I’m doing ONE NIGHT TO SAVE THE WORLD: OVERPOPULATION. Livestream tonight at 7pm PDT. Check it out:

One Night to Save the World: Overpopulation

The Science & Entertainment Exchange, A Hundred Years, The Imagined Futures, and Skybound invite you to watch “One Night to Save to the World,” an initiative wherein science, entertainment, business, and policy converge to invite the citizens of Los Angeles to conjure a daringly optimistic future. For one night, we’re digging into issues potentially created by overpopulation in our lifetime and beyond. Join us as a group of thought leaders share new theories and grand inventions that very well might just save the world … or at least inspire us to try.

We would be beyond thrilled to have you join us in using the lens of cinema to draw attention to overpopulation.

Thursday, July 12
The livestream will start at 7PM PDT and can be viewed here.

The Science & Entertainment Exchange, a program of the National Academy of Sciences, connects entertainment industry professionals with top scientists from across the country to create a synergy between accurate science and engaging entertainment. Chartered by Congress in 1863 under an Act signed by Abraham Lincoln to provide crucial scientific advice to the nation, the National Academy of Sciences, a private, nonprofit institution, is uniquely positioned to draw on the expertise of thousands of men and women who have distinguished themselves in their respective fields in science.

A Hundred Years is a full-service creative consultancy that helps organizations across sectors uncover their true purpose to realize their potential.

The Imagined Futures is a Los Angeles collective focused on designing, promoting, and discussing the future. Learn more at

Founded in 2010, Skybound Entertainment is a multiplatform entertainment company that houses projects ranging from television, film, emerging platforms, comics, interactive gaming, live events, and more. Skybound Entertainment is responsible for television hits including The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead, Outcast, and the docu-series Robert Kirkman’s Secret History of Comics.

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