Monster Zine To Support Planned Parenthood

I contributed a short story to ONE MEAN MONSTER ZINE, which is a fantastic collection of the macabre put together by Gavin Hignight. You can purchase a copy here for $10. All proceeds benefit Planned Parenthood.  You can also donate to Planned Parenthood directly. How can you resist this amazing list of contributors?

Clive Barker
Sam Shearon
Stephanie Inagaki
Douglas Wicker
Jose Macasocol, Jr.
Erika Angel
Jack Rossi
Jenny Carbajal
Gabriela Ruiz
Cassidy Ward
Sideshow Monkey David Hartman
EG Rand
Song Riddle
Bryant Dillon
Ben Meares and Riley Schmitz
Erick Salomon
Chris Thorne
Bill RudeMister Sam Shearon
Chris Thorne
Steven Shea
Gris Grimly
Theo Radomski
Gavin Hignight
Allan Graves
Kate Leth
Chris Grine
Mister Chris “Doc” Wyatt
Nigel Sade
Dewey Dean
Guity Rafik
Sarah Wilkinson
Elisa Victoria
Bill Rude
The Ghouligans
Mystery Monster Kid