Variety’s 10 Screenwriters to Watch (August 2019)

Deadline (July 2019)

Creative Screenwriting (June 2019)

Screencraft (June 2018)

Deadline Hollywood (January 2018)

Forbes (November 2016)

Deadline Hollywood (October 2016)

Go Into The Story Screenwriters Roundtable (July 2016)

Den of Geek! 50 Brilliant Screenwriters to Watch Out For  (January 2016)

Variety  (December 2015)

Tracking Board Young And Hungry List (November 2015)

IndieWire Interview (December 2014)

Script Magazine Interview (July 2014)

Chicks Who Script Podcast (July 2014)

ScriptChat Q&A (July 2014)

Deadline Hollywood (June 2014)

IndieWire (June 2014)

The Wrap (June 2014)

The Nerdist (June 2014)

The Kubrickian, Interview for Stanley Kubrick fan site (June 2014)

Hollywood Reporter (May 2014)

The Tracking Board (May 2014)

Writers On The Storm, Interview for Coverage, Ink (May 2014)

Go Into The Story Interview (April 2014)

Black List 2013

Hit List 2013

LA Times (December 2013)

Slate (December 2013)

Mother Jones (December 2013)

Fast Company (December 2013)


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