Living Like It’s 2003

Take a look around and see what you can bring to the world. How can you make a difference? What do we all need more of? Take one look around, and it’s pretty obvious what we all need. We need more blogs. And I’m here to help.

So maybe I’m arriving late to the blogging party, but I’m still going to live my life like it’s 2003. Let’s face it, 2003 was a blissfully uneventful year. 2003 was the year of “meh.”

So please join me in strapping on a Discman, or an iPod the size of a brick, and let’s all go back in time to when we were all younger, no one gave a shit about zombies, economic and social collapse didn’t loom around every corner, and starting a blog was pretty new and exciting. Wasn’t that nice? Now come back to reality.

Seriously, stop living in the past.

It’s 2013, and everyone and their grandmother is blogging about something. Given the insane amount of competition for your attention,  I will try my damndest to keep the content on Stephany Says entertaining and informative. Honestly, I’ve just gotten tired of always writing for a paycheck and having to abide by the constraints that come with getting paid, so this is where I intend to play. It will be exactly like it says up top – I’ll mostly discuss writing and film. And booze. Don’t worry, I have plenty of experience with all three.

So come party with me like it’s 2003, and act like you give a shit another blog has been added to the Internet.

3 thoughts on “Living Like It’s 2003

  1. HEY. Anyone with class has always given a shit about zombies. But yeah, my 66 year old mom’s favorite TV show these days is THE WALKING DEAD, so I guess I’ll let that stab slide.

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